Spring Quarter Events

Spring quarter is here! That means SEEDS busiest quarter is here too!! We have a lot of great events and meetings lined up to help you get out in the nice warm weather! Make sure you keep an eye out for signup sheets on our listserv!

General Meetings (Tuesdays 6pm in Storer 2342)
April 4th – introductory to the quarter/ research – Com hear about the events we have coming up this quarter and learn about our ongoing research projects and how to get involved
April 18th – Career panel – We will be hosting a panel of professionals in ecology and environmental related fields to speak about their careers
May 2nd – Grad student panel –  UC Davis graduate students will speak about their graduate school experiances and answer questions about grad school
May 16th – Prof. Jennifer Gremer – Prof Gremer will give a talk about her research. She is also the faculty adviser for Davis SEEDS.
May 30th – Natural reserve system talk – Lillie Oravetz (our current fundraising coordniator) will be giving a talk about her experiences participating in the Natural Reserve System Field Quarter.
June 6th – Research project presentation/end of year potluck – students involved in SEEDS research projects will be presenting their research and we will be celebrating another successful year of SEEDS!

April 8th – CALeDNA Sampling at Jepson Prairie – Sampling for CALeDNA at the beautiful Jepson Prairie vernal pools just outside of Davis
April 12th – Before the Flood movie viewing (7pm) – Fossil Free UCD will be hosting a viewing of Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary
April 15th – Table Mountain Hiking – We will be hiking out at table mountain to see the historic California wildflower blooms!
April 29th – Bioblitz at Stebbins Cold Canyon – We will be holding our annual Bioblitz at Stebbins Cold Canyon to try and measure our local biodiversity with the help of graduate students, professors, and field books! We will also be sampling for CALeDNA!
June 2nd – 4th Tahoe Camping Trip – We will be having our annual camping trip at lake Tahoe in early June! We will get to hike around Tahoe and spend a weekend enjoying the area!

Additionally, we will have several CALeDNA sampling trips in April at:
Quail Ridge Natural Reserve
Bodega Bay Marine Lab
McLaughlin Natural Reserve


Winter Quarter Events

Winter quarter is here! What better way is there to make it through the cold weather than with SEEDS! Here is the master list for all of the events we will be having throughout the quarter. Keep an eye out for sign up sheets for our trips!

Meetings (all in Storer 2342):
1/11 (Wed) 6pm– Freezer Challenge– Allen Doyle, the sustainability manager at UC Davis will be speaking about his project to increase sustainability in on campus facilities and life science laboratories. Learn about opportunities to get involved!
1/23 (Mon) 6pm– Guest Speaker– Mike Gil, a UC Davis postdoc fellow will be talking about his work on reef fish social interactions and their effect on the resilience and stability of coral reef ecosystems (field work based in Thailand).
2/6 (Mon) 6pm– Career Panel– We will have a panel of people with careers in the environmental and ecological sciences. Hear about different career options and come with any questions you may have. We will have an updated list of speakers soon!
2/27 (Mon) 6pm– Bodega Marine Lab Undergrad Opportunities– BML peer advisor, Rachel Sniderman, will be coming to talk about classes and opportunities for undergrads at the Bodega Marine Lab. Applications for summer session is due on Jan 31st– contact rsniderman@ucdavis.edu for any questions!  
3/13 (Mon) 6pm– SEEDS Social 
Events (final times tba and sign up sheets will be sent out as the date approaches!):
1/21 (Sat)-  Sacramento Wildlife Refuge Birding– Come watch the migratory birds with us; bring your field guides and binoculars if you have them! We will have some bird experts come with us to help us ID birds!
1/28 (Sat)- Mushroom Hunting– We will be going to Rockville Park in Vacaville to hike, look and collect mushrooms. Professor Tom Gordon will be coming out with us to teach us about the mushrooms we find!
2/13 (Mon) 6pm– Professor Dinner– Come join us for dinner with some UC Davis ecology and environmental science professors! This will be a great environment to get to know some of your professors in a more causal setting!
2/25 (Sat)- Mt. Diablo Hike 
3/4 (Sat)- Bodega Marine Lab Tour– We will be touring the UC Davis Bodega Marine Lab and Reserve. We will be getting a tour from some of the staff and faculty to see the lab itself and to get out into the tidepools!
We hope to see you all at our meetings and events this quarter! If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the officers through our emails (on the contact page)!

Yolo Bypass Birding

Despite rainy weather, Davis SEEDS recently had our annual birding trip at the Yolo Bypass, which is just outside of Davis. The Yolo bypass is in the heart of the Pacific Flyway and is a common wintering ground for many migratory birds. It is also home to many important local species as well. If you missed this trip but still want to experience birding with SEEDS, we will be going to the Sacramento Wildlife Refuge during winter quarter, which is also another important wintering spot for migratory birds.

Cal Academy of Sciences Trip

Wow! What a trip! Davis SEEDS had the privilege to get a tour of the Cal Academy of Sciences in San Francisco by the renowned canopy ecologist Meg Lowman. We were also joined by the Berkeley SEEDS Chapter. We got to tour the basement of the museum, which is where the insect collections are kept. There are over 17 million specimens in the Cal Academy basement, many of which have yet to be identified. We got to see many

Leaf insects in the Cal Academy collection

We got to see many fascinating insects, including stick bugs, leaf insects, and an extremely beautiful collection of moths. One of the stick bugs was even a foot long! We also got a tour of Meg Lowman’s office and got to hear more about what working at museum is like. We even got to hear about the field research she has done in rain forest canopies and some more unconventional specimen collection methods, such as sweep netting the upper canopies from a blimp. Our group also got to experience the recently updated planetary show! The rest of our day was spent exploring the museum many exhibits. Students got to see the aquarium, the world of color exhibit, the rain forest dome, the living roof, and the natural history exhibit.  In total, we had nearly 40 students from UC Davis who joined us on this trip. Everyone had a fantastic time! I already can’t wait for next year!

We also made it into Meg Lowman’s Twitter!


Davis SEEDS T-Shirt Signups!

Want everyone on campus to know what a cool club you’re in? You’re in luck! We are taking orders for Davis SEEDS T-shirts from now until November 21st! The shirts for this year will feature our classic Davis SEEDS logo on a forest green shirt. The shirts should be available to pick up at the beginning of winter quarter. We are expecting the price to be about $13. It may be different depending on how many people want to purchase a shirt. Please sign up here to order yourself (or your friends) Davis SEEDS shirts!

Graduate Student Panel

Thank you to all the graduate and undergraduate students that came out to our Annual Graduate Student Panel at our last meeting! We had a very diverse panel this year with lots of different fields being represented! We got to hear about research being done on campus along with opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved with internships. There were some really great discussions on how to decide on the right graduate school, choosing between a masters and a PhD, and tips on applying! If you were interested in contacting any of the graduate students at our panel, all of their names, emails, and descriptions are  posted bellow!

Allie Weill


“I am a 5th year PhD candidate in the Graduate Group in Ecology. My research focuses on wildfire in chaparral-dominated regions and how fire affects plants, ecosystems, and people in California. I use a variety of approaches to look at these issues, from field and lab based evolutionary ecology to social science-based survey methods. I am primarily interested in careers outside of academia, including the conservation and science communication fields. See more at amweill.weebly.com.”

Allison Injaian


“I’m a Ph.D. student in the Animal Behavior Graduate Group, working in Dr. Gail Patricelli’s lab. I study the impacts of traffic noise at the molecular, physiological, behavioral and population levels in Tree Swallows. To date, I’ve found broad negative impacts of traffic noise exposure that may lead to conservation impacts. My field research takes place in Davis, CA during the spring quarters.”

Ann Holmes


“I’m a first year PhD student in ecology, and recently completed my MS in ecology at San Francisco State. I use genetic methods to study aquatic food webs and detect rare species. Our research findings can then can be applied to improve management and conservation. My lab at Davis is the Genomic Variation Lab: gvl.ucdavis.edu

Brendan Barrett


“I am a 6th year Animal Behavior Graduate student and my research is primarily about extragenetic inheritance. Namely the population dynamics and ecological drivers of social learning (especially in non-human animals and currently wild capuchin monkeys), cultural evolution, and dispersal ecology and territorial inheritance in dusky-footed woodrats. I combine fieldwork, analytical, and statistical modeling.”

Chhaya Werner


“My research work is on the patterns of plant community regeneration after fire, and how that regeneration is affected by drought and climate change. I work in Sierra Nevada forests and in serpentine chaparral at McLaughlin reserve. I do observational fieldwork, manipulative experiments, and computational analysis and simulations. I worked with an amazing undergraduate assistant last year, and would love to work with more students, both as research assistants on my projects and as a mentor supporting their own research interests!”

Dan Smith


“I am currently in the Avian Sciences and Ecology graduate groups. I am interested in the relationship between wetland habitat and waterfowl use; specifically how wetland management strategies influence plant growth and production, and how waterfowl interact with their habitat both physiologically and behaviorally.”

Linda Barrientos


PhD student in Ecology, specializing on human ecology. My work is on water policy in California

Sarah Friedman


“I’m a second year Ecology graduate student in Peter Wainwright’s lab. In a large part my research uses a combination of phylogenetics, biomechanics, and functional morphology to study the ecological mechanisms that drive the immense diversity of body shapes seen in fishes.”

Stebbins Cold Canyon Hike

Another fall quarter, another successful hike at Stebbins Cold Canyon! Davis SEEDS hit the trail at Stebbins Cold Canyon over the weekend and managed to miss any bad weather! Stebbins is one of the UC Natural Reserves managed by UC Davis and has lots of interesting research about fire ecology currently being conducted there due to a large wild fire in the summer of 2015. We were accompanied by  Jeffrey Clary, who is the reserve director, and Allie Weill, who is a PhD candidate that focuses on fire ecology. We got to see first had the recovery that the reserve has been making since the fire and hear about some of the restoration and research being conducted on the reserve. The views at the reserve were fantastic and we were able to hike all the way to the top of the ridge because all of the trails have been reopened.   We look forward to being able to see the continued recovery of Stebbins Cold Canyon in the years to come!

SEEDS Cultivé Frozen Yogurt Fundraiser!

Ever wonder how Davis SEEDS is able to pay for all of our great events, such as camping at Lake Tahoe, without having to charge our students very much money? Lots of fundraising and grant writing! Please come out to our first fundraiser of the school year and help us pay for all of our upcoming events! Just mention SEEDS when you pay for your order and Davis SEEDS will get 50% of the proceeds!  The event will be from 11am-11pm! There will be a group of us all going after our second meeting! Please bring your friends and help support SEEDS!


Yolo Bypass Bat Watching

Last minute event! This Friday evening, we are putting together a group to go see the Mexican free-tailed bats out at the Yolo Bypass. These bats are only around Davis for a few more weeks before migrating south to Mexico and Central America. We’ll meet behind Storer Hall at 5:45pm, and should be back by 8 at the latest.

Interested in seeing one of the largest Mexican free-tailed bat colonies in the state? Then sign up, bring a jacket and a snack, and we’ll see you Friday night! If we can track down some equipment in time, we’ll also try setting up a blacklight to catch some bugs while bat-watching.

Arthropod Sorting Event

A huge thank you to all the people that came out this weekend and helped Micha, one of the graduate students we work with, sort through some of his samples in search of arthropods! Together, we were able to find ~400 arthropods in just a just a few hours!! A big congratulations to Ann for finding the most arthropods in her sample and to Robert for finding the most interesting arthropod! They both won gift cards for the ASUCD Coffee House for their great work (never say science doesn’t pay!)

Please keep your eyes open for more announcements for possible volunteer opportunists on our Facebook page and our listserv! They are great ways to dip your toes in topics you may not have any experience in. Plus you get to meet some cool graduate students and SEEDS members!

Our wonderful group of arthropod sorters!!